Uses and characteristics of teak

The trees are planted with the intention of being harvested at some point in the future and thereby contributing to the Panamanian economy. The plantations are cared for in a profes- sional and ecological manner by Svensk Teak AB’s partner in Panama. Our plantations should not be confused with naturally occurring teak growing in, for example, Burma/Myanmar. Svensk Teak’s operations have nothing to do with the controversial practice of rain forest deforestation.

Teak (Tectona Grandis) is known for its beauty and its ability to resist extreme conditions. Boat builders and mariners for centuries have understood and appreciated its value. Teak is a tropical wood whose durability and naturally resistant oils assure its elegance for generations of use. It has always been the first choice of quality-conscious manufacturers of outdoor wood products.

Where teak is used

Building: Design and ornamentation 2 %

Building: Construction 27%

Flooring: 2%

Furniture: indoors 12%

Furniture: outdoors 41% Boating and maritime use: 12% Public areas: 4%

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